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Boxer Cycle Works performs premium quality repair and service work to your Motorcycle. We offer a full diagnostic service for all electronic issues associated with the performance of your Motorcycle.


Having over 35 years of experience in the field of Mechanics, all work is approached in a systematic and methodical way. Interaction with our clients is pivotal to the successful resolution of our client’s needs. Given the opportunity to show you what we are capable of, we know you will be pleased.

Profi Laser Bat


Another large investment tool wise for Boxer Cycle Works. We just purchased Profi Laser Wheel Alignment Equipment. The importance of correct wheel alignment on your motorcycle can not be overstated. Most riders believe that if the alignment marks on the rear Swingarm are the same then all is good in regards to correct alignment of the motorcycle wheels. Well hold on, due to the manufacturing tolerances this is not true. You may notice that your chain adjustments do not last as long as they should, your motorcycle steers better to one side than the other, or it may even pull to one side, all these issues and more are related to the wheel alignment. This is why we spent time researching the best tool on the market to enable us to perform Wheel Alignments that ignore the manufacturers Hash markings.

Motorcycle Tire_edited.jpg

Texa Txb Evolution


Boxer Cycle Works is now capable of performing Diagnostic Services on all makes and models of Motorcycles. We have recently invested in the latest technology from Texa Diagnostic Equipment of Italy. Texa is a leader in Diagnostic Equipment for the Automotive industry. We researched extensively for a product that would allow us to be capable of diagnosing the most challenging of electronic issues with your motorcycle. And after this extensive research we decided on Texa, given their quality product and second to none customer support and guidance. If you are having an electronic issue or have a check engine light on please call us and we will be happy to be of assistance to you.

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